Premium E-liquids Made in the UK

Premium E-liquid expertly crafted in the UK.
Here at Mermaid Tears we have spent the last seven years researching the E-liquid market, carefully crafting the very best flavours available, making E-liquid, steeping and adjusting recipes to bring you one of the finest juice brands to date. We currently have over 50 liquids available in 0mg. Our liquids are 70%VG 30%PG and they are pre steeped for a minimum of four weeks so it is ready to vape as soon as you receive it. We also sell 10ml nicotine shots which can be added to our flavours, allowing you to make 60ml and 120ml 3mg e-liquids.
Mermaid Tears is a family run business and was named after our founders daughters obsession with mermaids. We found this to be a fitting gesture as it was the little ones constant upset and crying over their daddy smoking which lead him to give up cigarettes and start vaping. We put every bit of care into making our liquids in our ISO Class 5 lab to give our customers complete satisfaction and for us, the confidence that you will enjoy our liquids and also continue to stay away from harmful cigarettes. 

ISO Class 5 Laboratory

We manufacture our e-liquids in an ISO Class 5 lab. The current standard set by the MHRA is ISO Class 7. We achieved the higher classification by using the latest technology in HEPA filtration and operating practices found in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

At Mermaid Labs we can offer a bespoke turnkey solution to small e-liquid companies that wish to bring products to the e-liquid market without the expense of them setting up the required clean environments. We offer complete confidentiality in recipes, mixing, bottling and label design to CLP Compliance.

For further information please contact us on – 0121 526 5200 

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